Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Totem Pole on Angels Crest

John and I hiked my totem pole up to the second summit and then rappelled down to the remote hanging forest just before the Acrophobe towers. The totem took me three years to carve, mostly because of laziness, and another 3 years to actually get motivated it get it up there. The thing weighs about 80 pounds and is 6 feet tall. A pretty unruly thing to carry on your back. John and I took turns carrying it up which took about an hour and a half. Then we rapped straight down the route. We buried the base in rocks to keep it from decomposing and it now stands guard at the turn off to the towers themselves. John and I then free soloed back up Angels Crest and hiked down. An amazing day for sure!

One day the Chief of the clan gathered up the sun and put it into a box to claim as his own. Raven, a trickster and magical being decided to retrieve them for the world. He transformed himself into a pine needle. Later that day the Chief's daughter ate the pine needle while drinking from a local stream. She became pregnant and had a child. The young baby wanted to play with the contents of the box which sat in the Chief's longhouse. The Chief refused the child's wishes so the baby started to scream. Eventually the Chief gave in and let the baby play with the sun. Immediately the baby turned back into Raven and flew into the sky with the sun in it's claws.

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Jesse said...

I remember stories
of your free-fated totem
and Ben

Your soul peice
for his remembrance
many moons ago

- Jesse