Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MALTA deep water soloing

Finally uploaded my deep water soloing in Malta video. Three parts. Enjoy


mark2572 said...


Love the videos. I am travelling to Malta in a weeks time. Can you suggest any easyish DWS climbs for me. I am going to rent a kayak and explore but would appreciate a shove in the right direction...


edward camilleri said...

hello i am Edward from
if anyone would like me to help you when you are in malta to do climbing , deep water soloing ,even by boat in Comino , we have all the gear you need
00356 9949 4034 if you need

Simon Alden said...

Hi I am writing a guide to DWS in Malta and Gozo would you have topos/names/ grades for the routes you did while in Malta please?
best regards
Simon Alden
Malta Climbing Club

delffi said...

Hi there,

I'm with Mark here (yeare later tho') :)
Any ideas where would be some basic DWS climb routes? What would the grades be? And where are those exact location?

We are going to Malta in a week or so and this kind of fun would be awesome! Please help :)


Juergen said...

Hi, I´m Juergen form austria and i spent last week in Comino.
A big hand for the videos, the are absolutly cool !
Comino is a great place for an climber but many cuts show me now that many of the holds are not so massive as the look like !
But I´ll be back

Best regards